Accommodation and fishing in the wilds of the Kola Peninsula

chavangaAccommodation and support for recreation and fishing in remote places of the Kola Peninsula. More than 100 kilometers of roads, drive cross-country vehicle or helicopter only. Hotel in the historic seacoast village Chavan’ga and camp on the river Strelna. Strelna camp has a website, and even the English version

Pudozh, Karelia

I’d like to put emphasis on Pudozh, about 10 hours north from St. Petersburg. Why? Strategic location, half way between St. Petersburg and Kandalaksha. Several hotels and lots of guesthouses that normally cost $20 per person per night in and around Pudozh. Probably the best place to fix the car that, by the time it reaches Pudozh, especially if moving south, may be falling apart as a consequence of beaten up roads. We had several jobs done by Serezha and Dima, +7 911 665 1396, and ours is not an easy car to work on. Speaking of car problems, torn our shocks, bearings, and exploded tires are most common victims of holes in asphalt. Check suspension before going, and don’t forget to deflate tires on rough stretches of the road. Alexandra’s Chow-Chow dog Tasha comes from Pudozh and Alexandra maintains active connections with Tasha’s breeders. Pudozh definitely belongs to what feels like familiar territory.

Guide “Kandalakshsky area – the gateway of the Kola Land”

kandalaksha_putevoditel Information about the transport and tourist routes, fishing rules, settlements Kandalakshsky district. Mode of the border crossing “Salla” and the other.

Lots of really useful information but it is in Russian only. However, the author of the guide is our good friend and we will work with her on English-language edition of the guidebook.

A welcomed change from the usual set of search phrases

Sunday just started according to’s clock, and today’s first search phrase was “Baptist churches near Solnechnogorsk”. I hereby praise the Lord for a welcomed change from the usual that I won’t even mention despite the need to saturate the sites with words and phrases that draw people. Dear G-d, please consider this as my donation. The church in question is in Zelenograd, about 30km from Solnechnogorsk, and its site is

Good news from the Kola Peninsula

It’s Alexandra. I’m in Kandalaksha. That means I see the local events, I can tell you about them, and I can quickly find information about the local scene.

treskaThe second good news on the photo. Already you can fish in the Kandalaksha Bay. White Sea codfish. Nothing like store-sold cod. This one tastes like fish. We caught 76 fishes in 1.5 hours

Pomor’s regatta. Umba. June 15

Pasha! Translate please


Каждый год в Умбе проходит “Поморская гребная регата” – соревнования на традиционных поморских деревянных весельных лодках – карбасах. В программе гонки на четырехвесельных и двухвесельных лодках, женские гонки.