A factory town of ~30th in Karelia, on Lake Onega, 50km North from Petrozavodsk on the main highway (M18) and on the Moscow to Murmansk railroad. Easy access by boat to Island Kizhi.

Ethnic riots in the fall of 2006 brought Kondopoga big fame. In a nutshell, it started with restaurant clients beating an Azeri waiter, the waiter returning with his Chechen friends, and his Chechen friends attacking passers-by of whom they knifed two. After the funeral the locals proceeded beating up southerners and burning their businesses, and demanding that southern migrants be sent back. After some more burning and stone-throwing, and the arrival of Nashi and nashionalist supporters the authorities did evacuate migrants from Kondapoga. The locals get appeased, and the story sort of faded away from the news.

Nothing really to see in Kondopoga. A wooden church perhaps? But by now you are sick of churches.

Photos of Kondopoga and of the 18th century wooden church: wlad11.livejournal.com/65050.html

If you are into rock music you may want to know that perhaps Russia’s oldest rock musician, German Firsov, lives in Kondapoga.


Hotel Kivach is the biggest and oldest of Kondapoga’s hotels. Lenin Square 5, tel. +7-81451-41976, +7 8142 782463.

Hotel Kondopoga is newer and smaller. Ulitsa Sovetov 14 and 19, tel. +7-81451-71027, -71734, or -79942. E-mail: hotel@kbk.onego.ru

Hotel Voyazh is at the entrance to Kondopoga from the main highway. The address is Petrozavodskoye Shosse 1. Tel. +7-81451-28225, 52768. Rates: 1750 roubles ($65) single, 2200 (just under $80) double, breakfast included. Positive recommendations except that walls between rooms are not a barrier to sound. The hotel is particularly praised for its food!


“Кондопога”, дом отдыха
п.Сосновый Бор, Кондопожский район
(81451) 3-12-15

“Кивач”, санаторий
с.Кончезеро, ул. Советов, Кондопожский район
(81451) 3-52-10