Guide “Kandalakshsky area – the gateway of the Kola Land”

kandalaksha_putevoditel Information about the transport and tourist routes, fishing rules, settlements Kandalakshsky district. Mode of the border crossing “Salla” and the other.

Lots of really useful information but it is in Russian only. However, the author of the guide is our good friend and we will work with her on English-language edition of the guidebook.


Good-by asphalt. The “road” is there till the next storm. Better have a good sense of direction. And a compass. Not sure if GPS will work there – so much out of this world the place seems.

Why travel to Kuzomen’

Sami descendants, wild horses (!), ghosts that the local **educated** priest says are real, northern sand desert…

Where to stay in Kuzomen’

Rely on local’s hospitality. Housing conditions will be sub-standard, unlike in the nearby Varzuga where the locals mysteriously live much better. Hire me with a jeep and trailer. Camping in the summer.


Desert, gloom, and decay

Kuzomen people

Wild horses

I’m playing with the idea of going there in winter, bribing horses with oats so that by spring, when they are hungry and weak, they are firm in the erroneous conviction I’m the good guy. Once they are tame I’ll show my true nature by enslaving a couple. If they survived in these conditions they are indestructible and I want a low-maintenance horse. Also on the pictures they are the ugliest animals I’ve seen and I sort of fall for anti-esthetics.

Kuzomen’ in winter