Ate at Adel

Of travelling from Moscow to Kaluga or beyond, to Bryansk, Kiev, Odessa, Chisinau, or whatever is beyond that, you are likely to be travelling along the Kiev highway (E101). If hungry when approaching Kaluga stop at one of three cafes named Adel or Adal(?). They are on the on the 125th, 131th, and 132nd kilometre of the highway. Fresh and very inexpensive. The food is undersalted, as it should be, and mustard is freshly prepared from coursely ground seeds – not the kind of thing normally expected in a roadside establishment that caters to truck drivers. The one on the 132nd kilometre is equipped with showers. The total bill for a full meal for two was an equivalent of $20, which is on the inexpensive side.

“Successful Matchmaker”. Thats the name of Ryazan’s official No. 1 agency.

Found contact details of the biggest agency in Ryazan! 

Owners: Tatiana Yevgen’yevna (+7 910 575 7178) and Ludmila Anatol’yevna (+7 910 566 8241), general office no. +7 4912 202222, e-mail The site is СВАХА62.РФ (in Russian characters) OR http://xn--62-6kcai3g4a.xn--p1ai/. The two ladies themselves speak a bit of English and they usually have a translator present in their office.

See more about this agency elsewhere under Ryazan.

Trans-Siberian and Lake Baikal expert Jack Sheremetoff

Here is another character worth knowing if you are interested in doing the Trans-Siberian, with a big and active stop at Lake Baikal. Presenting Jack Sheremetoff. He’s been at it at least since 1995, when I met him. A rare example of survival in this environment that has uncomfortably much in common with a meat grinder. I haven’t spoken with Jack for years but judging from his Baikaler Hostel site he managed to preserve energy and good cheer.

Another travelogue

This tortured soul operates a hostel in Odessa, which is almost as bad as running a full cycle traveller support service in Moscow as I do, and if it wasn’t enough he compulsively drives though less hospitable regions of Russia, including the northern parts, in a truck that can at best be used for a beer run to the nearest town. Read about his adventures and misadventures at For his trips this travel maso inevitably picks winter too. Recommended reading if you are contemplating travel in the Former Soviet Union space in the Russian Misery Travel (c) mode.

Oh no not “Russian brides” again

Oh yes, in the last year about half of my pittance was supplied by Russian bride seekers. So I continue on my quest to collect info that will help me to continue supporting my clients in their pointless quest..

Today I’m adding Alexander and his daughter Olesya (not to be confused with Alexandra from Kandalaksha and the Russsian Girl Friday Olesya, both of whom I regularly mention) to my list. They run a small old-school employment and marriage agency in Ryazan. Here is the address and contact details:

Ulitsa Chernovitskaya 6a, office 213/214
+7 4912 905014 (land line)
+7 906 544 7874

Not many matchmakers around who know their clients personally. Alexander and Olesya are a happy exception. Their little agency is a proof that time warps do happen. Highly recommended. The rates are very reasonable too.

But Russian only. And they lack aggression almost to the point of not caring. Don’t expect your e-mails to be answered in any detail if at all or calls returned. Realistically, you will need my assistance to work with them.

Domodedovo to Ryazan

There is a shuttle bus between Domodedovo and Ryazan. As of November 2012 the bus was leaving Ryazan at 4am, 8am, 12noon, 4pm, and 8pm, transit time 3.5 hours (but remember the road  situation and have at least two hours extra!), and the cost was 500 roubles, or about $17US. The number of the company called Uletny Marshrut is +7 800 555 1417 or  +7 496 612-1728.

The bus will take you through Kolomna, which is “almost” a Gold Ring city half-way between Ryazan and Domodedovo. So you can combine getting yourself to/from Ryazan and seeing onion domes and tacky monuments in Kolomna.

In Ryazan buses leave from Michurinskaya Ploshad. In Domodedovo they are parked to your left as you exit the airport, close to the exit station.