Guide “Kandalakshsky area – the gateway of the Kola Land”

kandalaksha_putevoditel Information about the transport and tourist routes, fishing rules, settlements Kandalakshsky district. Mode of the border crossing “Salla” and the other.

Lots of really useful information but it is in Russian only. However, the author of the guide is our good friend and we will work with her on English-language edition of the guidebook.

Murmansk religious scene

Seventeen registered denominations is and impressive number for a city of less than half a million. They have a Catholic church, Lutherans, Baptists, Jehowa’s Witnesses, Seventh Day Adventists, Pentecostals, and Hare Krishna devotees whatever their official name is. Don’t see such liberties being allowed in the Russian mainland.

Petroglyphs of Kanozero



kanozeroSeveral hundred ancient petroglyphs (pictures on stones) on the islands of the Kanozero lake, 50km from Umba. These cave paintings belong to the Neolithic period or Early Iron Age, 3000-2000BC. They depict ancient inhabitants of this place, scenes of hunting and fishing, fish and animals, religious symbols. Scientists think this place could be one of the most important sanctuaries of northern Europe. Presently it is protected as a “historic site”.

kanozero_1Petroglyphs Kanozero Museum in Umba:  Dzerzhinskogo ulitsa, 36.

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