Veliky Ustyug silver engraving

If you are into Russian souvenirs but matreshkas won’t do (congratulations on your fine taste) consider silver utensils made in Veliky Ustyug in the north-east extreme of the Vologda region. The factory that makes it is at ulitsa Uglovskogo 1, (81738) 21474. No need to go to Vologda. These are all over Moscow and St. Petersburg but if there and the souvenir shopping program kicks in take a look at silver items from Veliky Ustyug. The decoration technique or items in this style are called “Northern Niello”.

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Khimki flea market

novopodrezkovo_view_2Moscow’s biggest, cheapest, and the most authentic flea market is now at the Novopodrezkovo station in Khimki, north of Moscow, not far from Airport Sheremetyevo. Since Khimki is associated or is a part of Moscow I’ll post a complete report at under categories Flea markets or Soviet era items or even Books, Clothing, or Art, of which there are LOTS. Authenticity enthusiasts will like it, and an the surface the place may even appear to the fans of Russian Misery Travel (c) concept even though I found the place highly pleasant and relaxing.

White Sea underwater photos


The Moscow State U. Biological Station has released a set of postcards with photos of marine invertebrates and the aurora borealis of the White Sea. Made by the famous Alexander Semenov. Postcards are $5 for a set and can be ordered from anywhere in the world adding postage costs. Electronic money can be paid too. To purchase a cards, please contact authors at (Olga, Igor).

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