Around USSR borders on a bike

Here is a story about a 1928-1931 trip along the USSR borders by Glebe Travin. Too bad it is only in Russian. If nothing else enjoy photos. The story itself contains vivid descriptions of dangers awaiting a solo arctic traveller.

An overview:

A.A. Kharitanovksy, A man with an iron deer:

Vokrug Sveta (Around the World), No. 11, 1975:


Another travelogue

This tortured soul operates a hostel in Odessa, which is almost as bad as running a full cycle traveller support service in Moscow as I do, and if it wasn’t enough he compulsively drives though less hospitable regions of Russia, including the northern parts, in a truck that can at best be used for a beer run to the nearest town. Read about his adventures and misadventures at For his trips this travel maso inevitably picks winter too. Recommended reading if you are contemplating travel in the Former Soviet Union space in the Russian Misery Travel (c) mode.


A collection of slice-of-life type photos Ekaterina (Katia) Solovyeva. Lots of small towns, villages, rural, and Russian North images.
Hat off to this depiction of the very essence of the “predsedatel rayona” (district chairwoman) type. That’s even true-er than life!

A near extinct except in the outer reaches rural type

Much more at

Katia regularly runs photography workshops that are spoken of very well. The only reason why I could not bring myself to attend was “Positiv” as the name of the event.