Indian Spices on Radishev Boulevard in Tver

A couple of years ago Dima (the one who took over the Dacha & Horses project) told me that an Indian food is now available in Tver but I disregarded the story thinking good things just don’t happen in that hole. It turned out that the Indian Spices now does have an outlet in this gloomy city. It is Bulvar Radisheva 33. Open 10am to 8pm every day. Tel. +7 4822 574557.

Who was Radishev? Every city on the way from Moscow to St. Peterburg has a street named after Alexander Nikolayevich Radishev who earned this honour for travelling between these two places and publishing, in around 1790, his travel notes intermingled with criticizing the government, for which he was arrested, sentenced to be hanged, more >>

Iconic “misery” scenes from Tver

I knew the place well in my Staritsa days and even took Australian and Holywood filmmakers there in ~2004 when hired to assist in a documentary on Russian women, where my job was to set up interviews with prostitutes, alcoholics, drug addicts, writers, painters, and religious freaks while my competitor Olesya was given the job of makeing arrangement with successful woman.


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My old Tver page is hopelessly outdated but you may still be able to eek if not specific information then the general feel for the place. Doubt I’ll be doing any major update on Tver. I confess it is not among my favourite places in Russia. A factory town full of gloom but of the sort that somehow fails to excite a connoisseur of anti-aesthetics I am. The only business reason to promote Tver is “Russian brides”, up to around 2004 were a major industry. But I’m much better connected in Ryazan and am nicely equipped to assist you in this futile task there rather than in Tver. The city is, however, in the middle of interesting territory. Close to Staritsa, where my Dacha & Horses project is still alive and well without my presence. Close to Torzhok, which is on my personal favourites list. If asked about Tver regularly I may do a proper update. After all this project is to entice clients, not to share my tastes and preferences.