Moved to LiquidWeb hosting, now switching to Swift theme, speed drastically up

I’ve followed Satish Gandham’s good advice and moved to LiquidWeb, mid-range VPS, with APC cache installed on the server. Page loading time dropped immediately and considerably, from 5-7 seconds at HostGator to 2-4 at LiquidWeb all else unchanged. A switch from a powerful but somewhat heavy Weaver II to  Swift resulted in a further improvement of the loading speed to around one second!  While I’m a hardwired conservative in my tastes and preferences, I will probably switch to Swift.  Under 2 seconds loading time is tempting.

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Trans-Siberian and Lake Baikal expert Jack Sheremetoff

Here is another character worth knowing if you are interested in doing the Trans-Siberian, with a big and active stop at Lake Baikal. Presenting Jack Sheremetoff. He’s been at it at least since 1995, when I met him. A rare example of survival in this environment that has uncomfortably much in common with a meat grinder. I haven’t spoken with Jack for years but judging from his Baikaler Hostel site he managed to preserve energy and good cheer.

Trans-Siberian Expert Olesya

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI am no big fan of Siberia but I can recommend Olesya who often travels to Tomsk, is well oriented in the area, knows the ins and outs of the art of ticket procurement, and is generally qualified to assist you with that long and tedious trip if of course I fail to convince you to travel instead around the Gold Ring, from Moscow to St. Petersburg, or even further north to the end of the land, to places so dark that even the tough smelly men in horned helmets avoided them, preferring to loot France and England instead.

Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan etc. winter travel

Here is a story of a Brit with winter travel habit.

His usual territory is places that end with “stan”, Siberia, and the Russian north. An additional source adventures is his vehicle, a LandRover, an engineering atrocity famous for its mechanical excesses and tendency to fall apart. I too am a miserable LR owner, and I will sometimes reveal to the world a list of LR’s design peculiarities that include a brake system that can and once in a while will have a total failure. Hope those who hire me in the driver capacity don’t read this, and don’t notice my habit of maintaining huge following distances and keeping my hand on the parking brake.

Torn between this and

I keep on adding info to but structurally this site is a disaster and I’m not likely to do much about it till done with Moscow materials. Early June 2013 is the earliest I’ll get back to For now it is suspended in transition from HTML to CIS and then back to HTML and then.. Decision making is not exactly my strong point. At the moment, given the nature of its content (a large number of small pieces of info) I’m inclined towards CIS (WordPress) and thus making this version open by default. To see the static version follow  Opinions from knowledgeable and interested parties are welcomed. Comments to the effect that what I do is not easy to navigate etc. will have no effect other than annoying me.