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Assorted photos, many of which are from Staritsa, tend to pile up at  unclepasha.com


Staritsa Children's Shelter


StaritsaStaritsa (Starica)
Tver region, Russia


On the Upper Volga, 250km north-west from Moscow towards St. Petersburg, population 10th. Hilly countryside



I am hoping to make a readable summary out of old Staritsa pages, which are too numerous and outdated to make it easy to re-work them. My too intense of an involvement with Staritsa doesn't make the task easier either but here..


My attempt to write the story of this project started turning into something smacking of whining and self-pity while I seems to have lost the vector. So let's move the nostalgia stuff to a separate page_>>

A town of 10th., on the Volga river, about 1/3 of the way from Moscow to St. Petersburg, surrounded by picturesque hilly countryside. A natural stopping point for a traveller who wants to see a cross-section of the country.  Among its attractions is an extensive system of CATACOMBS.

[Misc. photos of Staritsa, with comments]




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Want to die beautifully?
The Tver Gliding Club visits Staritsa regularly.
Write to me about their trips to Staritsa or visit them in Tver.
The Tver Gliding Club
(Russian only)




Chose between the Volga hotel, one of three private houses, several cozy caves complete with bats, or sleeping in a tent.. .  [DETAILS]

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Staritsa is considered a high-crime high-murder town. The character and type of these murders, however, makes local dangers largely irrelevant to you. Your typical Staritsa theft is neighbours steeling each others' spuds, and your typical Staritsa murder is neighbours splitting each others' heads open with wood-choppers after old resentments of three generations of them stealing countless generations of each others' chicken come up to the surface following a long weekend of mutual raw potato vodka consumption. No professional theft, no robberies, no real premeditated crime in Staritsa. Relax.

Russian brides from Staritsa

So far Staritsa has remained untouched by the Russian brides export industry. You personal ad, published in Staritsa, is likely to receive very few responses - but responses from women who are in no habit of posting their faces on dating sites - a practice that quickly teaches them to pick and choose.

Tourism in Staritsa

  • The Staritsa Center of Tourism
    171360 Staritsa, Tver oblast, ul. Volodarskoya 16. Five min. from the bus station. Try them for tour guides, including people able to keep you safe during your exploration of caves. Telephones: (08263) 23669, 21552, 23548. Their coordinator, Elena Orekhova, can be contacted at orehova_elena@list.ru

  • Russian Cultural Center took over the function of promoting tourism and organizing tours. Details coming up.

  • Travel agents that specialize in the Tver region are likely to offer bus tours of Staritsa. Also ask agents that specialize in the Golden Ring about travelling to Staritsa. 

Arts, crafts, and even lowly souvenirs


Staritsa was a major center of craftsmanship and low-tech industry before the unfortunate series of events early in the 20th century. There are rumours that there still are ironsmiths and weavers and felt boots makers somewhere in the district.  I will of course be adding to this page people who make useful and beautiful things with their hands.

Introducing our first artisan, the scrappy-maker Lyuba. Further, I am proud to be the first one who recognized the business potential of her hobby, and to be the first paying customer to order a horse blanket of her making.

Staritsa in the Internet, in English

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This page was first established around 1998 or '99, when I got myself into this silly project. The last overhaul happened a couple of years ago (2002??), when I was left in Dubrovki for two weeks with nothing particular to do.

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From the webmaster:

The whole point of the site was to entice you to Staritsa and to get you to commit a further insanity by taking a chancy boat ride

 across the Volga to my dacha,

and that, in turn, to further tempt your fate by riding my horses

 all-the-while contribution $30/day to my project. See
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Photo gallery of Staritsa winter images on my dacha / horse riding site


Recommended to those with an interest in small-town Russia



Staritsa is famous for its caves. Here is a good site on Russian caves and caving, with a lot of English content:
Recommended site on caves and caving:


From our in-house historian, the famous Vovchik from Ryazan

Staritsa was established at the end of the13th century and remained independent from Moscow till Ivan the Terrible ordered the last prince of Staritsa knived during a feast. After that Staritsa was frequently used as a place of exile for those whom even Ivan the Terrible did not have enough power to just kill without any ceremony. Among its famous unwilling guests was Iov (Job), the first Patriarch of Russia, who was sent to Staritsa in 1605.

Comment supplied by the famous Vovchik of Ryazan

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