A welcomed change from the usual set of search phrases

Sunday just started according to staritsa.info’s clock, and today’s first search phrase was “Baptist churches near Solnechnogorsk”. I hereby praise the Lord for a welcomed change from the usual that I won’t even mention despite the need to saturate the sites with words and phrases that draw people. Dear G-d, please consider this as my donation. The church in question is in Zelenograd, about 30km from Solnechnogorsk, and its site is http://www.zelbaptist.org/


Zelenograd may be an undiscovered treasure. I’ll try to spend a few hours there at teh first opportunity. More coming up, with some luck soon..

Claim to fame – Research institutes, electronics, an engineered city made to be livable, no underclass.

Livability – Zelenograd is rated as a very livable place with one of the lowest crime rates in Moscow and the region. 40 minutes by train to the center of Moscow, very close to the Sheremetyevo airport, yet away from Moscow’s noise and pollution.

Accommodation – Since it looks like a very livable place I’ll try to dig something up on accommodation there. I mean real accommodation, not chain hotels that offer rooms starting $150/night in addition to all sorts of ways to rip you off, eg. laundry at $7-10 **per item**.

Attractions – I was surprised to find that this city still has a Baptist Church that is still active now, in 2012, when the Russian Orthodox version of Christianity is a de facto state religion. Yet another reason for an American to consider making Zelenograd home.