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Vyshny Volochek

If going from Moscow to St. Petersburg, it is between Torzhok, a well-preserved "historic" town, and Valday, the center of a huge natural reserve. This city of 55 thousand is famous for a system of canals that, by the end of 1700s, formed a waterway connecting Moscow and St. Petersburg. 

[A page on travelling from Moscow to St. Petersburg by water will be developed in the foreseeable future]

Perhaps the dirtiest city of those you'll find between Moscow & St. Petersburg. As to highway prostitution between Moscow and Saint-Petersburg, it is second only to Tver.

Worth visiting

The Valenki Factory. The only place worth stopping in the town itself is the Valenki (Felt Boots) Factory. It is a unique, famous, and developing place that is well worth a page of its own. Proceed to the Valenki Factory >>

Antiques near Vyshny Volochek. About 20km from Vyshny Volochek, on the right side of the St. Petersburg to Moscow highway, in the village of Kholokholenka. [DETAILS]


There is a Soviet era hotel on the main road in Volochek, to your left if travelling from Moscow to St. Petersburg. Judging, however, from the number of new restaurants and casinos around, it will not remain cheap for long.

As an alternative, budget and especially authenticity enthusiasts may consider, eg.

Motel Kolomno on the right side of the road if going from Moscow to St. Petersburg, 321th kilometer of the road , 70km from Valday, 20km to Vyshny Volochek. 400 roubles gets you a Spartan room with three beds. 100 roubles to use bath/shower, 150 roubles buys a reasonably vegetarian meal that includes a shot of vodka and a beer. The total bill for a party of three will be $30-50. Tel. 8-08233-7-9172. Functional and friendly, and people there know how to handle a dog-tired traveller. A welcomed exception from even quite expensive places, I was not required to fill out of these check-in forms. Recommended highly.

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Not just easy to find but can't miss it if travelling between Moscow and St. Petersburg by whatever means. 130 km (2 hours under "average" conditions) from Tver. Those who are uncomfortable moving around without a map note these:

View from space

An excellent street map of Vyshny Volochek


Telephone directory: 8-48233-12398. Russian only

March 2006. From a trip to Vyshni Volochek on client's behalf to check information in an immigration application. Read more about things I can do in Russia on your behalf to save you the time and expense of travelling to Russia yourself.


or "Volochek"?

If a city, town, or village has a double or hyphenated name that you can't handle, refer to it by the second part. The first part is merely an adjective. Examples:

Veliki Novgorod = Great New-city,

Vyshny Volochek = Upper Boat-drag,

Nizhny Novgorod - Lower New-city

Most maps and directories will list them in the alphabetical order according the the main word (noun)


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