Attention budget enthusiasts or Russian Misery Tourism (c) fans! The famous Dutch Loft is back. $40-50/night steps from Red Square.

My apartment that’s available for rent to travellers clever enough to locate and recognize by far the best of Moscow accommodation offers is out of circulation till at least the end of May 2013. Alla, who’ll be staying there with her daughter and mother, will be happy to avail a place to sleep (probably the couch or the famous Dutch Loft) to a pleasant and sociable (English practice is part of her motivation) traveller.

The rate I suggest is $40-50 per night, which remains by far the best price. The closest competitor would be a hostel with a room shared with 4-6 unpredictable characters, often of different sex. Or a hotel way in the outskirts of the city even though I don’t think there is anything left for that rate.

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