A new Chinese store. Woks and teapots.

A new small store with Chinese products discovered at Prospekt Mira 12, between Metro Sukharevskaya and Metro Prospekt Mira, east side of the street.

The selection of food is minimalistic and pricey. But the store carries proper woks that appear to be made out of low-carbon iron, they way they are supposed to. They cost an equivalent of $25-30. Practical sizes, iron handles. Classic woks are not easy to find these days, and certainly not in this city. That’s why I thought this store deserved a post.

Also worthy of notice are two teapots, one kept warm by a heating candle and another by an alcohol burner. An alcohol burner is probably cleaner because CH3CH2OH + O2 –> H2O + CO2 but as far as I know concentrated ethanol is no longer allowed for retail sale. Both look elegant and sort of “feel right”, and will make a practical yet unusual present to a tea lover. The cost was somewhere around 2000 roubles ($70).

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