A quote about the French

A summary of the character of Buffon, a French encyclopedic author of the epoch of Lamarck, Voltaire, and de Sade, that Alexandra stumbled into in Botanical Arabesques, a story European naturalists in Siberia by A.N. Kupriyanov, director of the Kemerovo Botanical Gardens. Knowing my attitude to France, she immediately called this passage to my attention:

The main trouble with Buffon was that he was an dilettante an a Frenchman. The former resulted in ideas with no solid foundation while the latter was a source of overactive imagination and unlimited energy in defending these questionable ideas.

I’m establishing a new category, Prejudices, to pile my politically incorrect thoughts and observations into.

The review of Botanical Arabesques is at: http://kandalaksha-reserve.org/choise_book/choise_books_botanic.htm, in Russian.


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