“Alternative” tour guides in St. Petersburg

I highly recommend www.sptnik.com/en/st-petersburg-tours. There you’ll find guides that offer specialized tours. Examples:

      • food
      • flea markets
      • Metro
      • the 1917 revolution
      • Dostoyevsky
      • cycling
      • vestiges of the Soviet era
      • vodka drinking
      • banya
      • churches
      • urban decay
      • village life
      • architecture
      • roof walking
      • poets
      • daily living etc. etc. etc.

Of course talk to me if things along the lines above interest you. My familiar territory is small towns and villages, winter, camping, budget travel, north generally, horse riding or Gypsy style trips, and of course travel with a mission, eg. searching for persons or graves, charity work, or providing support to journalists and film makers. Geographically it is Moscow, Tver region, Gold Ring, and anything between Moscow and the Kola peninsula except St. Petersburg itself.

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