Another dating agency in Ryazan

women_mvThis one positions itself as professional and expensive. Two peroxided overmadeup ladies greet you. A doze of well-rehearsed compliments follows, with putting the client at ease being the probable intention. A wall full of newspaper articles in praise of the agency. These would be credible if not written by the same author and published in one newspaer. 600 roubles for the introductory talk, which is a bit unusual.

Among the pile of papers they gave me and my client whom I took to this agency there are no contact details. I’ll add them if they show up. If you are hot about this agency that positions itself as biggest and bettest, try googling it. Their logo is a butterfly with one wing blue and another pink.

But I would recommend Skif as much smaller and way higher on the authenticity scale. Skif is run by a straight and open ex-army man who has no qualms about describing things as they are, and he has few enough women to remember each one. What’s best about Skif is that it is a primarily an employment agency. Women are merely asked if they are interested to be put on the singles list. Need I explain the difference between women who are actively looking and those who merely don’t mind? See them under Ryazan & Oblast.


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