Another recent story of why I don’t like my clients

Two vegetarians dropped by to pick up some tofu. Think it was Thursday or Friday last week. As a favour, not as a service, I volunteered to give them a tour of the famous hidden Vietnamese market in the depth of a huge industrial zone in Mar’yina Rosha. One of these places you can’t find unassisted. Shown them where they can get things they crave for 1/2 to 1/3 of the cost, and much fresher than in ordinary Moscow stores. No payment was expected. But a thank you note the next day would have been damn appropriate. Or perhaps a small present as a token of appreciation. But by some reason these herbivores don’t do these things. Not this specific couple but vegetarians on the whole seem to have something missing.

As I was writing this I recalled another recent couple that kept me in suspense for quite a while. And yet another one who promised but didn’t make a contribution for dinner. I’m ready to offer a meal and company to just about anyone but promising to participate and not doing so, and not even washing the fucking dishes after yourself has a pronounced discouraging effect on me. This is in response to those asking why I haven’t been updating my Vegetarian Russia page.

I promise that the next couple of posts will be “positive” for a change.

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