Another self-proclaimed professionals from failed

Have been trying to eek something useful out of them. Still getting virus warnings. Huge unauthorised traffic. Failure and no response aftter a week of e-mail exchange with . $100 wasted in addition to $80 to  At least the latter are Indians and you sort of expect incompetence. But is a British Columbia (Canada) outfit.

Can anyone recommend a professional who can do a very simple thing. Remove a virus. The code is well known. All they need is to get rid of it and to insall an anti-virus. Simple for a professional. A job for many hours from me since I don’t know any better than to download sites (hours), locate the offending sequence (another hour), and to delete it manually (another day). A professional should I suppose do that for much less. Definitly not for more. I wasted a week with that Russian girl but I should have known better. Then these The Indian guys have an OK reputation. They failed spectacularly. But Canadians ones did too! What is the worl coming to.. Come to think of it don’t bother. I’m back to .html.

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