Arrived at Kandalaksha. Business as usual from now till end of August.

Communication lines have been restored and I’m back in the information space full time as if sitting in my Moscow home office. This trip has been  plagued by internet, computer, and electric problems. I’ll now be going over e-mails to see if I missed responding to anything important. IF YOU DIDN’T HEAR BACK FROM ME PLEASE WRITE AGAIN. UNLESS YOU WERE ONE OF TWO JERKS WHO SENT ME 2+MB PICTURES, IN WHICH CASE NO-RESPONSE WAS INTENTIONAL. Some practical notes on travelling camping style are coming up. These will be in the form of posts below, or pages or posts at I can be reached at +7 985 217 3241 but DON’T CALL ME WITHOUT DIRE NECESSITY. Of my close associates, Dimitry and Alla are in Moscow in August and will help you, especially with either mine or Alexandra’s apartment. Both – Dimitry especially – speak fluent English. Dimitry’s number is +7 926 815 0081 and Alla’s +7 985 273 1358. CALL THEM ONLY IF NEEDED. IN THE NORMAL COURSE OF EVENTS E-MAIL ME. From now till end of August, when it’s time to return to dreaded Moscow Khanate, it is business as usual.

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