Back on Skype, Uncle_Pasha_2011

Alla G. is here trying to kick me back to the space age. Skype works again. Unlike last time it **really** works. Voice and picture that moves and all the weird noises of alien origin. It is Uncle_Pasha_2011 as before. The only use I see for it though is showing you mine or Alexandra’s apartments. Please don’t use it in place of e-mail. Most questions require me to activate my slowwitted ageing brains, to look at schedules, to do somethin that takes **time**.  In most cases I cannot respond in real time, and there is no need for it. Take a note that if you need so **see** something it can be easily done via Skype. If you need a response, use e-mail.

It remains to be seen if it can work through a GPRS (or whatever it is called) modem. The sort I used when subject to a dromomania attack. Probably a borderline situation. I know that when the reception is good I canot even watch movies in low resolution.

Thank you, Alla, for your input into teaching an old dog new tricks.

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