Thanks to the guys at of Visakhapatnam, India the situation with rogue links seems to be under control.

Still, if you anti-virus gives you an alarm message please tell me. Or, if you want to be real nice, report what system is on your computer, what anti-virus, and include a screen shot of the message. The more details the better.

You may wonder why India. First, I spoke to those around me who proclaimed themselves computer experts. They had no idea. Responded to nearly a dozen ads by Moscow people who offered WordPress service. Not a single #@!!* of  them responded! Then I went to with my situation thinking that, perhaps, I will find interest and expertise there, among expats who expect and thus attract a higher level of professionalism. All went well till the girl I hired ran into the virus issue. First, she got sick, as is the custom of the land when you run into difficulties.The girl who responded could not do anything for at least a week so I gave up on her. Then I took my trobles to the Winchester, Virginia. No response. A minimalistic one after a reminder. Then silence. I guess North America changed a lot since 1993, when moving back to Russia appeared like a good idea. Next was. Malaysia as I met a few very pleasant falks from there. One of them brought me The Story of Malaysia by Harry Miller, which made me a fan of their modus vivendi, but that’s another story. Being a fan of Malaysia I tried to find help there. Two people disappeared after I described the situation. Next was India. WordPressBoys responded within minutes, and had the issue sorted out within 24 hours!


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