Bike acquisition in progress

Got another one. A non-aggressive version of a mountain bike. Selected for easy posture, soft seat, an a frame that makes lifting it easy. I confess I’ve fallen  for the red-black-chrome colour scheme too but that was the least important consideration.

photo B'TWIN - ORIGINAL 5 red - B'TWIN photos

I’ll assign it to Alexanra’s apartment because of parks. The area turned out to be quite bike friendly. Sokolniki and VDNKh are very close. VDNKh gives you access to Botanical Gardens, and from Sokolniki you can ride all the way to the east end of Moscow. Also through Sokolniki you get to the Yauza river, where a dedicated bike trail will take you Kitai-Gorod. So I expect that guests staying at Alexeyevskaya will be making extensive use of the bike, and this apartment gets a bigger and faster one.

My Ovchinnikovskaya place gets a smaller (26″ wheels) city bike. There elevator there is too small for a bike so you would have to carry it up to the 5th floor. Streets in the city core are narrow and crowded. No bike passes. No parks. A smaller one will make sense there.

photo B'TWIN - Elops City - B'TWIN photos

A note to myself: For each of the places featured on draw a sketch of Moscow showing what can be accessed by bike easily/pleasantly/safely. 

And my old Soviet 5-speed, if I manage to retrieve it from where it’s been living and working for the last three years will be attached to the trailer.

Hostel Basilica in Kitai-Gorod where I originally planned to base this bike rental project still remains without bikes. The problem there is that backpackers – unlike respectable travellers who rent decent even if budget apartments – can only be entrusted with something very simple, cheap, and replaceable. Why the less they pay the more they waste?! I’ve been asking myself this question for years. I started this project trying to find $100 type bikes those in this price bracket are just so damn uncomfortable and feel so shoddily made that I could not bring myself to buy any…

This beautiful photo had to be removed because of possible virus. Here is the link, deactivated: www (dot) artlib(dot)ru(slash)objects/gallery_179/artlib_gallery-89977-b.jpg

A photo of Serebryanichesky pereulok by D.A. Myasnikov (1997) (www (dot)artlib(dot)ru(slash)index.php?id=52&idp=15&fp=2&uid=6649&iid=89977&idg=0&user_serie=0, same story) Basilica is in the two story building on the right. Stolen from Artlib (dot)ru

A reminder that since I’m often too lazy to properly ask for permission to use graphics I don’t expect more than a simple link from humanity wishing to use my materials. 

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