Bike rental real soon

I’m trying to get organized to avail bikes to those renting either my or Alexandra’s apartments, and also to offer 2-3 bikes at the Basilica Hostel in Kitay-Gogod. While reviewing Moscow’s bike rental scene I’ve stumbled onto the photo above. It was found on, a site dedicated to the Russian variety of black/sick humour. Enjoy. The chainsaw is the famous Druzhba. I owned one at one period of my life. By the time you get it started – if you do – you crave blood. Human blood. But this posting is, for a change, is NOT about how annoying live here is. I’m here to announce that, finally, BIKE RENTAL IS HERE. Almost.

Bikes will be available to those renting my apartments at no extra fee.

At the Basilica they will be $5/hour or $20/day.

These will be very simple but comfortable standard (one speed) bikes, probably French costing around $300 to replace if you get run over by a truck or have them stolen while they are in your possession.

This one is assigned to Alexandra’s place. Yes, the one close to the Sokolnike Park, which is next too Losiny Ostrov – thus you can access the whole east end by bike without exposing yourself to much traffic. One speed. I’ve decided and reliability and simplicity is more important than gears. Comfortable to a small to average person who is NOT obsessed about speed. I’m 5’6″-5’8″, depending on the day, with a pronounced beer belly, and I find this one very comfortable.The bike is complete with lights for night riding, a full set of tools, and two fairly large saddlebags.

If staying at the Basilica speak with the receptionist. She’ll give you the key, issue instructions, and receive payment.

If you are staying at my Zamoskvorechye place (across the river and canal from Red Square) you’ll find your bike right outside the door. The key is in the keybox. The pump and a set of basic tools is in the pouch, and the pouch itself is in the drawer with tools. Simple. Just make sure you leave it in proper working order. I’m not ready to provide regular maintenance. If I’m forced to bikes rental will not be complimentary. Or it will not be offered at all. Same system if you rent Alexandra’s apartment by Metro Alexeyevskaya. The bike is outside the door, the key is in the key box inside, tools are in the tool drawer in the balcony. Total self-service too, or I’ll be disappointed, with all the consequences. If you need two, let me know. In most cases they can be shaffled around between Alexeyevskaya, Zamoskvorechye, and Basilica in Kitai-Gorod.

Please e-mail or, if the matter can’t wait, call +7 985 217 3241.

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