Camp Sputnik

Disclaimer: As of August 2011 this page is at least eight years old. I think I stayed there when caught by a storm on my way to Staritsa in the beginning of the silly rural tourism and horse riding project, which was about 2000…


On the 149th kilometer of the Moscow to St. Petersburg highway, right side if you are going from Moscow to St. Petersburg. About 30km from Klin and 20km from Tver.

Double, shared facilities: 800 roubles ($30). Double, facilities in the room: 1000 roubles ($35).

No cost for putting up your tent on the territory. Access to facilities about 100 roubles ($4)

Food: 100 roubles ($3-4) for a meal, open 24 hours.

Pine forest, less than one mile to the Volga river.

Managers: Tatyana Vladimirovna Bylova and Yuri Nikolayevich Vinogradov, tel. +7-4822-56-8474

The view from the highway.

One of the houses where travellers can be accommodated for $30-35.

Note the word “turbaza” in Russian. Look for rusty and crooked “turbaza” signs if you want the cheapest of the cheap. Off-season you may be asked to pay “whatever you feel like paying”. Not the case here but of the sign is rusty and crooked, you may find shelter for around $10/night. SeeTurbaza Zarya (“Dawn” near New Jerusalem as a good example of the minimalist rural accommodation that hides under the name “turbaza”


Access to shower is $2-3. That’s another way to travel cheap. Camp on your own or sleep in the car. Lots of places along the Moscow to Saint-Petersburg highway offer access to showers. And they are starting to appear along other major roads with intensive truck traffic.

Page made ~ 2003

Updated August 2011


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