City of Moscow

All my stuff related to Moscow itself is at There you will find most of my traveller support services, pre-trip advice, support with the invitation/registration business, accommodation (mine, from friends/associates, or other offers that I’ve inspected and approved), airport pickup and Moscow orientation, etc.

Offers on this list are from me
or my close friends and associates. At
the very least I’ve inspected them.

In the making is my Guide to Moscow where I’ll attempt to share how I manage to stay well and as happy as my miserable nature allows in this demo version of hell of a city. My favourite place to shop, eat, drink, or benefit from culture and art.

Sorry to say but that’s what typical Moscow looks like. Suppose I could send you a jar with a sample of Moscow air too. Or a recording of incessant noise. Yes, skeptical assessemt of your travel plans is both one of my services and a way for me to satisfy my sadistic tendencies.

For places in the Moscow region follow the fold-down menu. Most of them are along the Mosow to St. Petersburg Highway, New Riga Highway, or Old Volokolamsk Road. For the benefit of students of Russian recent history I may soon be adding the Moscow to Dubna highway that runs along the canal that was one of the majoy GULAG projects that claimed ~200 thousand lives.  And for cyclists. From what I know the Moscow to Dubna road along the canal is the only bike-friendly way to make it to the northern part of the region. From Dubna you can easily reach both the Golden Ring cities and Tver.

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