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Getting there

From Leningradsky Train station in Moscow, Metro Komsomolskaya. Commuter trains run all the time, more frequently in the morning and in late afternoon. About $10 per ride, and the ride takes just under three hours. Ordinary trains take two hours. The high-speed train, I think, stops there too. Busses also leave from the vicinity of the train station. If you hire a cab in Moscow expect to pay around $150-200. (July 2012: Mostly valid.)

Maps of Tver and the region

An collection of maps with hotels and tourist attractions. Easy to open and read but Russian only – (Checked July 2012. Maps are there and easy to open. Russian only but clear enough to understand even if you don’t read it.)


Two hotels – Park and Ostambrook – spam heavily and successfully, thus producing the impression that there are but two hotels in Tver. Here are a few more:

  • The train station has a mini-hotel called “Room of Rest” (“Komnata Otdykha”) which has one “luxury” room. If available take it. 500 roubles ($17) will get you their best suit the size of a small apartment. Private bathroom, refrigerator, and good furniture.  A bed in a shared room will be 150-200 roubles ($5-7). As of late fall of 2004 these are excellent deals even without hot water, which is often the case. You can call 8-4822-426547 to reserve a room but you’ll be charged 50% extra, which still give you a fair price. Rooms free up at noon, which is the best time to call to make a reservation or to just show up. Their best (“Lux”) room is right to the attendant’s desk, which further enhances security. 7-10 minute streetcar ride to the center of Tver. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, ESPECIALLY IF YOU TRAVEL BY TRAIN. (RATES ARE AS OF AROUND 2005-2008.)

  • There is a hotel across the road from the train station. $50-70/room, a big and busy place but OK if you just want to stay overnight.

  • Hotel Yunost. 170026 Tver, Komsomoslky prospekt 12, tel. 8-4822-316904. $10/night beds, rooms from $18 to $50. Just follow the main road from the train station to the end. Taxi ride will cost you $3.50 at most from the train or bus station to the Yunost hotel. (Price info is from about 2008.) Reservations accepted at no extra charge. Only one out of three receptionists speaks any English.

  • Motel Tver. In the early spring of 2004 I stayed in the Motel Tver (part of the Soviet-era Intourist system) just outside of Tver as you exit the city going to St. Petersburg for $25 or so, and was happy. Very quiet. Said to be available even when others are booked solid. The food is lousy, especially if you are a vegetarian, and there are no stores nearby. Exact address: 170036 Tver, St. Petersburg Highway 130. Tel.: (4822) 55-5650 / 55-4544 / 55-5768. Fax: (0822) 55-5650. E-mail:

  • Park Hotel. I’d promote it if it was not so actively promoting itself.

  • Osnabruk. Same

  • Zarya (“Dawn”). Simeonovskaya 30/27, at the corner with Tresvyatskaya, near the Tver bank and the Gertsen Library that has Internet access. 800-1500 rouble ($30-55) rooms. Great location. This hotel serves the needs of the Tver city administration and thus has none of the usual casinos etc.  Foreigners no problem, visas registered. Tel. 8-4822-342129, fax 34-71-34.  RECOMMENDED IF YOU DON’T HAVE A CAR.

Several more hotel not described above and possibly no longer there:

Tourist: +7-4822-346178
Volga: +7-4822-348100
Seliger: +7-4822-340753
Berezovaya Rosha: +7-4822-497722
Motel Tver: +7-4822-555692
Tsentralnaya: +7-4822-489093


The All Tver Ladies (July 2012 – Still around and offering apartments) dating agency, apparently part of the  Be Happy Today (July 2012 – Site active) empire, is still in business and still offering apartments. Elena (+7-4822-42-19-21, 8-910-536-07-69) used to have two or three apartments for about $20/night. Probably more expensive now. Here is a description of one of her cheaper apartments – a typical one of the sort – from about 2005 >> (June 2012 – The offer may be outdated but I’ll leave the page as a successful description of a typical cheap apartment offered for short-term rent in a provincial city). Some more numbers of people offering inexpensive apartments intended for local travellers for short-term rent: +7-910-640-70-70, +7-905-608-96-5, +7-905-129-14-84, +7-905-608-96-58 (very cheap), +7-905-164-08-21 (by the River Port), +7-4822-57-59-59 (cheap, in Proletarka, a heavy-duty industrial neighbourhood), +7-4822-50-47-30, +7-920-693-19-23, +7-910-646-20-90 (prime location).

Agents: +7-4822-34-86-21, +7-4822-34-86-39, +7-4822-36-09-10, +7-4822-36-12-30, +7-4822-48-12-79.


None in Tver, as expected. Searched for them 12 years ago, repeated the exercise now in 2011, same zero result. Tver people are close-minded and fundamentally scared of strangers, especially from abroad, and will not open their homes. What a contrast to Karelia, where every village will have a small guesthouse!

Russian brides

Over the last decade the Russian Brides industry in Tver bloated and then quickly collapsed under its own weight but scam scandals seems to have precipitated the fall. In particular, there were stories of agencies hiring women to pose as husband seekers. A very Russian style of doing trickery in business. Probably this hiring of women cannot be considered outright scam. Even if it is, it would be hard to catch agencies of women working for them red-handed. I’ll need to think up of something like that too. In effect I did. And I practice it too. For instance, I attract clients to my horse riding operation by promising “unlimited riding”, “horse riding without supervision”, or “you get the horse, tack, and nearly unlimited area to ride”. And you do. Not a word here which is not true. But I know damn well that most riders way overestimate their ability and animals will not leave the property. Another trick is to get clients claim that they can and will saddle the horses. I will not point to errors till they are done putting tack on and are up on the animal. Only then will I call their attention to a twisted girth or to a saddle blanket with its front and back mixed up. So my poor clients have to get down to re-do saddling. After 2-3 cycles of this they just give up. If I’m lucky they are reduced to tears. And it is me, Russian light. Others are considerably worse. Stay away from this land! Where was I? Should stop the practice of sipping on beer while doing these pages as it gets me to go off tangent. Yes, the Tver Brides Industry. On reviewing the old list I see that the only agency with a site that seems to indicate they are still in business is Tver Angels. If you have your mind set on looking for your mate through an agency, try Tver Angels.

Unlike Moscow, where a pretty woman may get 200 replies in the first week and grow quite discriminating, Tver brides may get 1-2 letters per month. Also a loser in Moscow all of a sudden becomes acceptable in Tver. Yes, if you are a typical Russian brides seeker, Tver is a good choice indeed.


Tver needs to be rated “be on your alert”. Heard of a few robberies here. Large heroine addict population. Lots of prostitutes. Doing a prison term seems like a must for most of Tver men. Prison folk songs are heard everywhere.  I would not call Tver “dangerous” but do not relax. Beware of petty scam. I’m experienced a disproportionate amount of shit from the Tver people I hired or otherwise transacted with both in Tver and in Moscow.

Studying Russian in Tver (the site up as of August 2011 and doesn’t look neglected)

…more coming up

Tver in the Internet, in English

…Most of these are gone; other have automatically-generated content and have been deleted; still others are hopelessly stale. Of the old links that still seem worth something I’m keeping.. After an hour of checking links over very slow Internet I found none of them worth keeping. The only link alive was some woman protection stuff in Tver but the page felt just too.. perfunctory I think is the word. They got a grant and are going through the motions to spend it. Sad. A disappointment. Seems that Tver failed to attract any international interest. I understand why but still what a bummer. After all I make a living convincing you to travel to and around Russia. Here is an idea of a new service:

Having thoughts about visiting Russia? Let me talk you out of it. For only $50 I’ll make a serious effort to convince you go elsewhere or stay home. I’ll tell you about the visa hassle, airport confusion, crude taxi drivers, air pollution, bland food etc. etc. etc. Of course I’ll tell you just how overpriced this country is. My fee is but a small fraction of what it would cost you to visit this gloomy land. Stick to images of Russia you got from Tolstoy, Dostoyevsky, or Pasternak. Avoid disappointment, stay away from the real thing. Only $50 towards my losing cause and I’ll help you to give up with clear consciousness you your Russian travel idea..

I don’t like the place. I’m not alone. It is said that Saltykov-Shedrin based his Story of One Town on his Tver experience where he served as either a governor or a vice-governor. In recent years Tver has been a reliable supplier of scandals. Corruption accusations with governors departing to hospitals with heart attacks or taken to prisons to be held there without even a charge and then released with no explanation, gatherings of nationalist youth, Putin’s statement that the US is a parasite on world economy, land speculation schemes, Russian bride scams, the story of a worm in a salad served in Kremlin.. These are present-day Tver associations. Just google Tver+Scandals to appreciate just what a piece of bad news Tver is. When hired, a few years ago, to set up interviews with alcoholics, drug addicts, and prostitutes I naturally went to Tver and in no time my client had a lineup of superb, in their ugliness, subjects for filming for her documentary on Russian women. Yes, heroine and STD too are among associations with “Tver”. I could tell you a few stories of my own. So I will probably limit myself to giving only basic practical information, such as..


A random selection of Tver photos >>

Page made a long time ago (2000?)
August 2011

scroll down for old stuff some of which may still be useful..

where / accommodation /  internet / banking / vegetarian food in Tver / safety /Russian brides / travel agencies / what to do / Learning Russian in Tver / Tver in the Internet /

  • Be Happy. A part of the empire, with all that implies. Tver women are bused to Moscow to the famous “Anastasia Socials” at the Balchug hotel 200 yards from my Moscow home and office. I had a couple of profitable clients who needed my services sorting out the mess they got into starting with one of these events. As a business operator I thus have not choice but to encourage you to get into long-term trouble, and an Anastasia social is a great place to start.  Proceed

(This agency has sevaral apartments in Tver. See   More real cheap apartments in Tver,  HERE.)

  • Lifetimepartners is Tver’s oldest dating agency with international specialization. Their focus is the “Golden Ring” women (Ivanovo, which has Russia’s highest female-to-male ratio, Suzdal, Vladimir, Ryazan etc.). AMERICAN-OWNED.

Description from the owner:

Tver Angels International & Local Introductions…Yes its true! Tver Angels is also a local introduction service. We not only introduce Russian Women to Foreign Men BUT also Russian Women & Men to each other. At Tver Angels you can be assured of a service, a flexible service that is bar none built with you the client in mind, male or female. At Tver Angels we offer several different programs at different levels so you are bound to find what you want & need. If your looking for that someone special we’d be more than pleased to help you in your search.

You can also get in touch with Tver women yourself. Here is a list of sites where you can post your singles ad:

Please note that I can help you compose your personal ad, submit it to the paper, monitor that it comes out, arrange for a post office box for replies, pick up, scan, and forward you the replies, translate and explain them if necessary etc. etc. The average bill for this exercise is normally in the $120-150 range.

Related pages: 

Coming up: Prostitution in Tver. Don’t take it as approval but at times I have no choice but to work with all sorts of clients. Damn be the day I started my descent into the tourist trade.
While on the subject, please note that in Tver you can have yourself tested for all shameful diseases known to humanity for $50-something. The address is ………., tel. ……, open ……..


Travel agencies that specialize in Tver

  • Committee for Tourism, Resorts, and International Contacts of the Tver Region. 33 Sovetskaya, office 312, 170000 Tver, tel./fax: 8-0822-320171 (just last 6 digits from Tver, +7-0822-320171 from abroad). E-mail:

  • The Comme Il Faut Travel Agency  markets the Moscow – Klin – Tver -Torshok – Vyshny Volochek – Vypolzovo – Valday – Novgorod – St. Petersburg route under the slogan “Golden Thread of Russia”. Some examples of programs outside of the standard routine: helicopter flights, turkey farm, Tver brewery, medieval Russian weapons and fighting etc. Their office is in Tver at ul. Novotorzhskaya 23. Telephone numbers as dialed from within Russia: 8-0822-426277, 8-0822-343719, and 8-0822-345962. If you are already in Tver just dial the last six digits. From abroad it will be +7-0822-local number.

What to do in Tver

A list of galleries and exhibition you can fully enjoy without knowing a word of Russian


Learning Russian in Tver

  •    [test request send May 2005]

See also Tver links below.

[Sketch of Tver, showing the places mentioned]



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Report prepared December 3, 2004, while I was sitting in the village of Dubrovki with winter ennui that is as unavoidable these places as diarrhea in

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