bird-shitting_2NEW I’ve signed up on Twitter. Knowledgeable people say it’s a good way to keep others informed about little things of no lasting significance. My Twitter account is

Writing to, with a copy to to be near 100% sure your e-mail reaches me is the easiest way to contact me. I’ve succumbed to requests to install a form for e-mails. Don’t get the point but you’ll find it below.

You can Skype me at uncle_pasha_2011. I fail to see the point of skype but here it is, by popular request. Suppose the stype button you see at the top of this page is a good way to indicate the computer is on and I’m someplace near.

If it is a true emergency, call +7 985 217 3241. The number is on 24/7. Some asshole does call me on average once a month but I still keep the number on. Why? One time my being accessible may have saves a life, and on another occasion my being within reach prevented many thousands of dollars worth of property damage. But don’t call me in the middle of the night to ask about renting an apartment or similar things that can be left till normal working hours!!

MY BOARD is for anything you wish to discuss in open air. No registration required. No moderation. A good place to ask questions of general interest or exchange view on the quality and utility of my humble services.

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