Culprit found

It was WP Super Cache set up according to instructions. They, the guys, obviously wanting to reduce traffic, told us dumb users to opt for aggressive caching. No matter what happens on the site the visitor sees what was there 2-3 weeks ago. Advice by to move to was not exactly the best one I’ve received. Three times blocked my sites because of “excess CPU usage”. For duck’s sake all of them together get 500 visitors per day most! Hate to move but may have to.

If you had this situation – updated versions not showing – after installing WP Super Cache, make sure you check

 Clear all cache files when a post or page is published or updated

Then every time something changes cache is cleared.

Tested it. Seems to work.

Dima, Marisha, Olesya etc.

Please check that recent updates are seen even to a visitor who hasn’t logged in. I did and it seems to work. But this WordPress – damn be the day I heard the name – is full of tricks. I may have left some test messages undeleted. Please trash them.

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