Apart from the obvious (this is an information resource, can’t be responsible for accuracy, independent travel in this region is an activity associated with elevated risk etc. etc.) I’d like to admit outright that this this project lacks focus. Area coverage is at best patchy. Getting an occasional client is only part of its objective. If I don’t get one traveller every couple of month I will work on giving this site more consumer appeal but otherwise I just don’t care. Sharing practical travel information for the benefit of humanity? Nyet, not much of that motive. There is no clear answer what this project is and what it aims to achieve. Perhaps I will come up with a slogan. I made a few attempts. “Winter is the Soul of Russia” got me one clients in all these years. “Russian Misery Tourism” resulted in two or three. “Moscow to St. Petersburg through Small Towns and Villages” worked a bit better. I may yet invent a catchy label for what I do but for the moment it is nothing more than a compilation of information, observations, and impressions based on my own trips. Available as is. I’m available to facilitate your trip if this style of travel suits your tastes and objectives…

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