Duck embrios at the Vietnamese market

Got seduced by their natural shit-smeared appearance and bought 10 duck eggs at my beloved Vietnamese market at Mar’yina Rosha. (See  Got home and made a light dinner that included salad leaves, tofu boiled in cucurma and spices, and who soft-boiled duck eggs. Cracked eggs and discovered this:


Yuk. Served me right.That’s what the seller has been trying to say by “pee-pee”.

Back to “proper” form of vegetarianism.

Thanks to Alexandra, the bird expert from the Kandalaksha Nature Reserve, who somehow got rid of this highly unappetizing purchase.

I’ve been recommending this market a lot. But watch out. Sensitive souls be warned that the Vietnamese make no attempt to shielf you from blood (sold right there in bottles) and guts (all on display) and other body parts including pig heads. No attempt to even stun fish before cutting it to pieces.

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