The name. I don’t know how this village got its biblical name (isn’t it where the resurrected Jesus appearing to his disciples?) and how it managed to keep it though Russia’s recent history. But there is a story behind it and I’ll be sharing it with you.   

Attractions. Museum of the Kalinin (Tver) Front. To be checked out.

Emmaus Orphanage.  Emmaus has a large orphanage that I visited around 2004 on the request of an American couple who wanted me to give a report on the child they were in the process of adopting. At that time the orphanage appeared to be in difficult situation, and any help was welcomed. I

Accommodation. Nothing in Emmaus itself but you can stay in one of the “Turbaza” places around Emmaus. I recommend Turbaza Sputnik just before Emmaus if going from  Moscow (or just after if going towards Moscow, south).

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