Fedot-the-Archer in English!

Stumbled, while looking for an English equivalent of  “политес”, into a translation of the story of Fedot the Archer, a Daring Chap by Leonid Filatov .   Chapeau bas! I would not think something like this was doable.  This sadly ironic poem stylized in the fairly tale manner is greatly recommended to anyone with a deep interest in the subtleties of Russian way of looking at things.

Admirably translated by Alec Vagapov.

See http://samlib.ru/a/as_w/fed-rus-eng.shtml

But I still failed to find “политес”. Guess I’ll use “political correctness” instead. It is for a the Russian Misery Tourist (c) project, for the “Russian Misery Travel (c)  for The Asshole Voyager” concept. For the time being I’ve housed it at www.mad-in-russia.com / www.mad-in-russia.net I’ve reserved these two years ago for things subversive and offensive.

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