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That goes against the stereotype of Russians as “we” and “us”. But your version explains Russian peculiarities such as a strong government that crushes individuals by extreme individualism that makes all these Ivans and Peters and Putins necessary to hold such a patchy nation together! Many extreme I’s create a need for a tyrant to keep them from devouring each other. What a total paradigm shift!

I stumbled on your insightful site while looking for ideas for my Political Science essay. Huge thanks.

Fiona Glinka

It’s me again.

Another surprise. Is it easy to find ingredients for food like this in Russia? I’m sort of required, if I am to take my studies seriously, to do enough time in there to understand how the country works. But a diet of borsch and kasha, kolbasa and pirogies (I am from Ukrainian/Polish/Jewish background and am still a bit traumatized by my grandma’s ways) does not thrill me. Your story makes Russia look much lighter and friendlier from the culinary viewpoint…


Sure, you get more money when you are creative and positive (otherwise known as lying and cheating). Pasha is honest. He tells it as it is. The whole truth, warts and all. If you want comfortable and inexpensive, go to the Caribbean (however Mexico isn’t that expensive, and getting more dangerous every day). The banners showing impalings and hanging are meant to condition you for your trip to Russia. It is part of the charm. And as Pasha says, don’t forget your charcoal tablets. Very good for preventing “metorism”. I can’t wait to return to my small dormitory room near the Volga. Cheers.

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