From industrial wasteland to the cancer hospice with 77 boxes of Cambogian clothes..

Industrial suburbs around Lytkarino on a warm late December day following a major snowfall. Perfect gloom. What’s the name of that movie about afterlife for suicidée? That sort of scenery. All the usual things: roads, houses, people, stores, traffic jams, stray dogs. “All the same, just a bit worse.”

But I’m pleased to report that my little truck with a camper in tow was easily able to carry 77 average size boxes of a total weight of 1700lbs.

I am thinking of adding office and household moves to the list of services. See Transportation.

After this trip I realized that scenery suitable for my “Russian Misery Travel” (c) program is still around. You just need to go away beyond the Circle Road in the right direction. In this case it was along Volgogradskoye Shosse, south east.

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