Getting ready for my first “real” camping client

A while ago I advertised camping trips on under Adventures/Misundevtures/Misery Tourist. Here,something seems to start happening. My first camping victim client made their deposit, got their visas, and bought tickets to Moscow. So a cancellation – of which I’ve had a lot as of recent, and I’ll have a word or two to say about them in the Beefs category – is unlikely, and on July 5th I’m embarking onto my first “commercial” trip.

That’s the vehicle. Except now it regained the front bumper,and the camper has been married to a bicycle, and lots of little things have been added to make it into a home and an office.

Here is how the unfoled camp looks. Stuff gets moved to the back of the car or to the tend. The camper plays mostly the function of an office office and a kitchen. Tents are used for sleeping except in real bad weather. Getting soaked is no problem because the camper itself has a powerful heating system and enough gas to run heaters non-stop full blast for at least two weeks. As much as practicable people are encouraged to NOT to use bathing facilities in the camper when it is stationed in the wilderness to keep it free for things more noble like food and office work. But in the city there is no need to run around looking for a place to pee, and maintaining personal hygiene – albeit without much comfort – is also possible. Speaking of office, it has 220volts with supply from the car from a separate battery so that you don’t deplete the battery accidentally. Two computers! Note the 20+ foot antenna! It was a true surprise – one of very few good ones these days – how much faster the data transfer gets thanks to a cheap fishing rod and an active USB extensiton, all costing no more than $80. I’m able to comfortable work online while ordinary mortals have difficulty speaking over their mobiles here. The whole setup is perfect for one and funtional for two. It remains to be seen what will happen to a family of four, plus me in the capacity of guide, driver, and everything else.

I’ll be adding a folding table. One of the items I missed during my present dry run.

That’s my most recent addition. A large iron wok and a gas burner. Wok is my favourite type of vessel for cooking quick for a crowd, and during my recent trip to the Summer Fair at the Indian Embassy in Moscow I looked up a few tricks, one of the on using a wok to make a soup and a something like rougu (?) at the same time, and I’ll be testing that on my July 5 clients. As I envision the camper travel concept, food and drink will be a large part of it. Please note that I’m a vegetarian and find eating little fuzzy animals distasteful even if they taste good. Drinking however is no problem and in fact I’d think that the Russian experience without a bit of excess in this area would not be complete.

Before you join the recent rush of criticism and say I’m being irresponsible consider that I did two solo trips and two trips in the company of Alexandra, Theo, and Tasha. One of them included spending a few nights at below -20C (-4F).



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