Iconic “misery” scenes from Tver

I knew the place well in my Staritsa days and even took Australian and Holywood filmmakers there in ~2004 when hired to assist in a documentary on Russian women, where my job was to set up interviews with prostitutes, alcoholics, drug addicts, writers, painters, and religious freaks while my competitor Olesya was given the job of makeing arrangement with successful woman.


The prostitutes are gone from the part of the Moscow to St. Petersbur highway that passes through Tver. Drug addicts are dead or in prison. Alcoholism too is way down compared to 10-15 years ago. Writers and intellectuals turned to things more practical. But picturesque poverty, decay, overcrowding and similar photogenic stuff is still there in the Dvor Proletarki block in Tver, and I still haven’t lost fascination with things reverting back to chaos and dist whence they came. See


The story is in Russian but photos will tell the picture.

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