Immigration lawyers! Get ready for the next Russian wave!

I’ve been thinking about it for a while but crystallization happened after observing the February 4 scene.

I would like to associate myself with an immigration lawyer or consultant, or a law firm. Preferably Canadian. I nicely survived the consequences of the1998 default by preparing the clients of Genesis Consulting (based in Toronto) for their immigration interviews.  I’m not qualified or disciplined enough to do the whole cycle of immigration support but in the past I did quite well in a team with an immigration consultant, with teaching people to bluff their way through the interview being my part of the job. Worked with about a hundred of them, and all but 4-5 got their permanent resident visa! A new wave of applicants is coming. It’s in the air. Since Genesis appears to be out of business I’m looking to associate myself with someone/something similar. Canadian or any other immigration lawyers or consultants please talk to me. When it starts we want to be ready.  There may be but a short gap between the point when every reason to run is apparent and when it will no longer be possible. We want to spend this gap working, not setting up an office only to be ready when it is over. I’m placing this offer on my official list of business ideas that may work in the era when Putin turned into Brezhnev. 

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