If you are looking for small towns between Moscow and St. Petersburg, north from St. Petersburg, Karelia, and the Kola peninsula, you are almost in the right place.

I may or may not transfer the site to the new powerful flexible versatile etc. etc. and for this reason HIGHLY UNRELIABLE AND LABOUR-INTENSIVE modern CIS platform.  I don’t know at this point whether I will succumb to fashion and social pressure, or stick to good old HTML as it was meant to be from the days of Creation. I can say for sure that for some time into the future this site will be a mess.

Try the old version at The bulk of the material that accumulated during the Staritsa/Dacha/Horses phase of my life and in the course of my trips between Moscow and Kandalaksha are there.

Other searches that may have taken you here:

Moscow accommodation. A few years ago I moved it to a new dedicated site, and then, in 2011, to the new WorldPress platform, damn be the day I heard this name.

A compilation of Moscow info centered arond **my** life here, typical requests by my clients, or recommendations. nfo on Moscow. In my attempt to escape clutter and confusion I’m moving it from to

Services – both business and for private individuals are at If you need an errand boy, a fixer, or even a driver, or want to setup an inexpensive minimalistic or even virtual office in Moscow or elsewhere in Russia, proceed to  Consulting services provided to Russian bride seekers are also there, as well as my own small collection of women available up for grabs to westerners on self-descruct mission to losers who think that they will get a better deal in Russia.. to naive suckers who… [complete the sentense when in a better mood].

What’s left of my team of drivers is at

Horse riding and the dacha experience is at

Stuff that I have difficulty classifying, that is not intended – or positively counterindicated – to my paying clients, and something of a diary remains at my old

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