Kandalaksha Tourist Info Center

The Finns gave up on wating for us secretive Russkie barbarians to get around to providing information to tourists, and made a step towards world domination in their humble manner by financing and organizing the Kandalaksha Tourist Information Center.

No link to it because the center does not have its site. It is 2012 yet no internet presence! Welcome to Russian, confidently moving to the position of world’s No.1 retard.

The address is 8 Ulitsa Pyatidesyatiletiya Oktyabrya (“50 year anniversary of the October revolution). It is in the same building as the town library. A few steps from the T-34 tank – a welcome change from ubiquitoes Lenin – that marks the center of Kandalaksha. The center’s telephone number is  +7 81533 94046, and its e-mail is kandtic@gmail.com. The place is run by Ludmila Alexandrova, an eco-tourism enthusiast, a friend of Alexandra who compiles biographies of obscure polar scienties, runs the site of the Kandalaksha Nature Reserve and  probably needs no introduction. Ludmila says e-mail enquiries are answered within 24 hours and English is no problem.

I’ve pretended to be a tourist, proceeded asking the usual questions where-to-stay-what-to-visit questions, and was impressed with Ludmila’s knowledge of the local scene. No fee whatsoever, thanks to generous Finns, for chatting with Ludmila and valuable advice and information.

Ludmila’s most recommended place to stay is a health resort from the Soviet era. 1000 roubles per person per day includes meals and medical treatment! Details later. (Their website is http://www.spa-hotel.kaz.ru/en/services.html)

Maps and leaflets however sell “at cost” that may seem exhorbitant to someone new to Russia.

The center is open during normal business hours Tuesday to Saturday. In Russia cafes often close for lunch. The Tourist Information Center too is not working in August, which is the height of the tourist season. (Category “Russophobia’ established, appropriate box checked.)


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