Khimki, Moscow oblast

Accommodation. I’ll skip the Accommodation section since Moscow is so close that you are unlikely to need accommodation in Khimki. Also there is a cluster of hotels around the Sheremetyevo (SVO) airport that’s in Khimki.

Shopping. Lots of shopping malls. A good place to stock up if you are on your way to the center of Moscow and practice once-a-week shopping. Idea, Auchan, Obi, Decathlon, Metro etc. are there or very near, and can be visited on your way from Sheremetyevo. Or if you are heading to the countryside.

Tourist attractions. Not much. Suppose the Moscow Canal can be one even though I have a bit of a difficulty calling a Stalin-era construction project an “attraction”. More of a mass grave or a memorial. The monument where the last defense position was in the fall of 1994 is in Khimki,

and another monument that marks, I think, where the Germans stopped, is a bit north. Actually, it is in Zelenograd so let’s not get into that here.

Scandals. Here Khimki yields a much better crop. The city is famous for politically motivated beatings of journalists and for the cutting of the Khimki Forest. The latter was one of the circumstances that lead to the consolidation of opposition. If you are a journalist or writer and are looking for material to help you capture the mood of Putin era Russia, Khimki is the place to visit.  See the English version of the Save Khimki Forest site, or an article at

Khimki in the English language media. Nothing beyond basketball teams and new hotels by the airport. I am under the impression that Khimki-related sports news are heavily promoted to cover up scandals because in real life Khimki is associated with beatings of journalists and the famous forest, not with sports.

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