Killjoy Alexandra got my day started with a sequel to the “Putin & the Ussuri tiger” story

My start-of-yet-another-day ritual includes an e-mail with a mood dumper from Alexandra. Today’s spoiler was a follow-up to the “Putin and the Tiger” story from August of 2008, right after the Georgian invasion. Apparently, the young female Ussuri tiger was delivered from the Khabarovsk zoo, heavily sedated, and placed in a trap for six hours so that our national leader could personally put a GPS tracking device on her. The story was posted on in Russian. There was enough of coverage of the event (as it was intended to be seen) in English but I don’t see any translations of this (and similar) follow up. Thus this little summary. The tiger died two weeks after the story, possibly as a consequence of six hours of sedation.  Talk to me if you want details.

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