The Island of Kizhi (Onega Lake)
The Wooden Architecture Museum

Getting there

By large speed boat from Petrozavodsk. One hour 15 min. Over 2000 roubles ($70) per person for a return trip. Or by motor boat from Velikaya Guba.

See more options how to get there on the site of the Kizhi Island Architectural Museum. It is in English and it works!

Gettng to Kizhi for the adventurous for the adventurous and foolhardy

From Velikaya Guba by a heavy duty 4WD car, with readiness to get seriosly stuck and a few days’ supply of food, to Vasilyevo. Then hop from island to island by own boat till you reach Kizhi. Details later but judging from the map it is less than a mile.

Two inflatable boats, one for three persons and one for one, are part of my camping gear. Both boats are small enough to be under the radar. They do NOT require any licensing, life jackets and other nonsense the Russian authorities have been busily imposing on us as of recent.

The photo is me in the capacity of the captain of my flagman vessel – yet to be given a name – under full sail, off to explore the White Sea. Made it to the nearest island and back! This little trail boat is under two kilograms and surprisingly fast, and now it is living through its fourth season! The scariest part of the trip was seeing thee piles of bear poop on the unnamed island, but that’s another story.

Same flagman vessel burried under a load of goodies delivered from Staritsa to the Village of Dubrovki

Too bad the size does not show. I should have thought to put a slipper by the pile.

Read more on Kizhi in Wikipedia. I also recommend a story and many quality, although a bit better-than-life photos by William Brumfield in Russia Beyond the Headlines >>

Where to stay

See Petrozavodsk, Velikaya Guba, and perhaps the recently scandalous Kondopoga (google up Kondopoga+pogroms to see what’s coming up in the rest of Russia). I could locate one (unverified) hotel on the island itself. It is

“Карельский берег”, гостевой дом
о.Кижи, д. Оякевшина, Медвежьегорский район

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