Difficult. Expensive. No Moscow’s abundance and thus competion. No provincial cheapness either. Try VIP Hotel. Ulitsa Mira 25, tel. +7 (49624) 234-57. A few more are coming up. The cheapest one is Gostiny Dvor, ulitsa Dzherzhinskogo 4. A few years ago (around 2008) it was a dump even by my standards at definitely not worth  600 roubles I paid for a bed. Used mostly by southern traders of the local market. These people are hard-wired to party all night every night no matter how hard they work in the day so don’t count on being able to sleep well.

Tourist attractions

Tchaikovsky House Museum. Considered a must to see by tourists. It is on the main road, on the right hand side if travelling from Moscow. Walking distance or a 100 rouble ($3.50) taxi ride from the train station. Closed Mondays as are most museums in Russia.

The Boblovo Estate where Mendeleyev lived and worked for about 40 years till 1906. Mendeleyev was a chemist is the one who spent most of his life working on the technology of ethanol production and who established standards for the Russian vodka. He is also known for discovering the Periodic Law. If travelling by car turn right at Davydkovo (66th kilometer of the Moscow to Saint-Petersburg road, just before Klin). Go to Zubovo (about 15km). At Zubovo turn right and drive another 5 or so kilometers. Then watch for signs or ask. Bus No.42 will take you from Klin right to Boblovo. The museums is closed Monday and Tuesday 10am to 5pm in summer and 11am to 4pm in winter.

Local History Museum. Ulitsa Gagarina 37/1. An old museum with good exposition on the medieval period of Klin History, 1812 (Napoleon’s Russian campaign), and winter of 1941-1942, when Klin was under German occupation.

The Arts Museum. ……. 

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