Lonely Planet still lists my (ex) dacha and horses

It’s been called to my attention that the 2007(?) issue of Lonely Planet still lists my former dacha. I’m happy except for the size. In 1999-2000 it was almost a page. And NOT next to Zavidovo, which is one of Putin’s hangouts.

Please note the changes:

My telephone is +7 985 217 3241. The rest is mostly true. The rate is the same: 1500 roubles ($50) per person per day, 1000 for those who have been there before and don’t require much looking after. And yes, it includes riding (unlimited if available, which is usually the case), food, and shelter. Compare to 900-1000 PER HOUR as the average rate for horse riding in Moscow. The best development both for me and travellers is that I personally am no longer involved with this project. Disregard the bit about vegetarianism. You can practice cannibalism all you like with no consequences except for your eternal soul, if any.

Links: old page | new summary to be made soon | horse stuff in Russian

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