For accommodation in Chisinau, rural tourism in Moldova, and anything else in that area I whole-heartedly recommend my former partner and a friend forever Marisha.

I see her clients as “priviledged” should they decide to proceed further into the continent to  trecherous but aesthetically very pleasing Kiev and then to the dark and gloomy Moscow full of drunks, cops, stray dogs, and presidents/prime-ministers elected for life with vote that in some regions (Northers Caucasus) is way beyond 90%. Damn it, at one point I had a chance to move to Moldova and to live a normal life. The though of moving there has been with me since late 70s after our trip there but that’s another story. The point is that I recommend Moldova as an easy and inexpensive destination, and there is no one better than Marisha &Co. to provide comprehensive support there.

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