More on Moscow costs. Some figures from the Donskoye cemetery price list.

While Alexandra was speaking with cemetery managers I was flipping through the price list.  Some figures that stuck:

 A hole in the wall for an urn with ashes R45-700000 ($1500-2300)
 Coffin, cheapest R1300 ($43). Surprisingly cheap. Perhaps I’ve misunderstood something.
 Digging a grave Around R10000 ($330).
 A temporary sign with your name and dates R100 ($3+)
 Yearly fee for an urn with ashes R150-200 ($5-7). Once you are in things get cheap. Also if you neglect to pay you still will not be evicted.

I was promised a place on Donskoye if I behave. Not a real graveю Only a hole in the wall on the condition that I reduce myself to ashes. In the wall furthers from the entrance.  Still, Donskoye is Donskoye.  See you there!


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