Oh no not “Russian brides” again

Oh yes, in the last year about half of my pittance was supplied by Russian bride seekers. So I continue on my quest to collect info that will help me to continue supporting my clients in their pointless quest..

Today I’m adding Alexander and his daughter Olesya (not to be confused with Alexandra from Kandalaksha and the Russsian Girl Friday Olesya, both of whom I regularly mention) to my list. They run a small old-school employment and marriage agency in Ryazan. Here is the address and contact details:

Ulitsa Chernovitskaya 6a, office 213/214
+7 4912 905014 (land line)
+7 906 544 7874

Not many matchmakers around who know their clients personally. Alexander and Olesya are a happy exception. Their little agency is a proof that time warps do happen. Highly recommended. The rates are very reasonable too.

But Russian only. And they lack aggression almost to the point of not caring. Don’t expect your e-mails to be answered in any detail if at all or calls returned. Realistically, you will need my assistance to work with them.

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