Other projects

Accommodation in Moscow: www.cheap-moscow.com

All offers and people behind them are personally known to me. Rooms starting $25/night, apartments from $70. Occasionally even less.

My guide to Moscow is there too. See www.where.cheap-moscow.com


Sane mature English speaking drivers capable of acting as guides, translators, and all-around assistants and fixers: www.moscowdrivers.net. Other people I regularly work with and can recommend to you. In fact an informal team able to meet just about any of your needs seems to have formed..

This image is from on one of these week-long immersion trips

Notes on small towns, mostly north from Moscow: www.staritsa.info. Rural Russia is there. Yes, I am in a good position to organize trips, including camping trips around Gold Ring or anywhere north from Moscow, or horse-and-buggy trips in the Tver region, with or without auto support. See also my ex-project Horse Riding and the Dacha Experience,  www.russian-horse-rides.com, still alive and well.

Business support & personal services: www.oldmanfriday.com. Errands, assignments, searches, compilations, identity checks and interviews. Even Russian bride search assistance! Virtual or almost real office, mailing address, someone who will answer calls with your company names etc. etc.

Also check out my MY FORUM. No moderation, easy to use, no need to sign up, anything you want to discuss in open air welcomed. A good place to read opinions on my services or to leave your own. If you are a competitor but have something unique and valuable to offer you may use my FORUM too! As long of course as you do that in a non-spammy manner.

What else? These are sidelines, neglected or abandoned projects, or sites that belong to others but I participate in administering.



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