Embroidery church shop in Kandalaksha


This little factory operates under the auspices of the Russian Orthodox Church. Located on Ulitsa Frunze 9, +7 911 301 3797, +7 911 305 0721, mast.ruk@yandex.ru





Machine and manual embroidery. Pearls, corrals, malachite, carnelian, amethyst(of which there is a lot in Kola), muranova glass, Swarovski crystals, beads, gimp, lace and much more I don’t know the meaning of. Souvenirs, brooches, paintings, panels,cosmetics bags etc. Clergy vestments, liturgy sets, prayer book covers and such. Traditional Pomor clothing, elements of old woman’s clothing, historic reconstructions. Custom orders, workshops.
Their e-mail is mast.ruk@yandex.ru but no, they will not respond enquiries. No squared they won’t respond your e-mail if it’s in English. I’m afraid to hiring someone like me if you need to elicit a meaningful response from entities located in rural and small-town Russia. See www.oldmanfriday.com for a list of idea of how I can be of assistance to foreign business persons trying to get things done here.

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